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Ultrabrush™ Plus Available from Microbrush®

14 June 1999

[United States] – Microbrush® Corporation of Grafton, Wisconsin, USA, is pleased to announce the introduction of its new Ultrabrush™ Plus applicators. Ultrabrush™ Plus applicators combine the precision of a small bristle brush with a design patented shaft that bends to make it easier to apply material to hard to reach places. Dentists will appreciate the control they get with the large Ultrabrush handle. "We made the handle 4 inches long and thick for easy control, even when wearing rubber gloves, " says Gunnar Wallin, President of Microbrush® Corporation. Ultrabrush™ Plus is available in a dispenser series package that contains 4 pre-packaged cartridges of 100 Ultrabrush™ applicators; 200 blue, and 200 orange. The package also contains the new Ultrabrush™ dispenser that eliminates cross contamination by letting you refill without touching the applicators. Simply slide the Ultrabrush™ cartridge on to the dispenser and they are ready to use. The dispenser lets you take one Ultrabrush™ applicator at a time without fumbling. For more information, or for free Ultrabrush™ samples, please contact Microbrush® Corporation at 1376 Cheyenne Avenue, Grafton, Wisconsin 53024 U.S.A. Phone 414.375.4011, or visit our home page at

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